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Expect to have direct communication with Laurent and Sam as you explore and use the software to build custom workout programs for your clients. This valuable feedback and conversation between us will direct what new features need to be built and what needs improving.

You won’t have to download anything as the program builder and other tools you’ll be using as a trainer are all housed on our web based app, meaning you only need an internet connection and a web browser like Google Chrome to use it. Your clients however will have to download a mobile ‘client version’ to be able to use the programs that you’ve built for them. This client mobile app also allows them to track results which you’ll be able to see on your end as well. Clients do not pay anything to be able to use the mobile app. When you add a client to your list, they will automatically be sent an invitation to download the mobile app and create an account.

When you sign up, you are given 3 free ‘client seats’. From there you would simply pay for each additional client seat on a monthly basis. You’ll gain access to reduced rates the more you grow your business (the more clients you have). Visit our pricing page for more information. *Clients do not pay us anything to be able to use the mobile app.

No, you won’t need to enter your credit cart details or pay anything whatsoever in order to sign up.

One of the things we’ve seen in our competitor’s apps is that they tend to have a lot of features, but none are particularly ‘standout’. We wanted to build our app with quality and focus as the main priority, so while we don’t have as many features (right now anyway), what we do have is incredibly robust and we believe it outperforms our competitors. Program building, results tracking, and the client experience are what we wanted to nail first. What’s next? Well that’s where you come in! We want to work collaboratively with the community to make sure what we build is as tailor made to your needs as we can. A positive working relationship with the community is what sets us apart as well as the quality we are bringing to our software.

Both Laurent and Sam have been trainers for many years. Laurent owns a gym of his own with a team of 12 trainers and Sam is a senior level trainer who has mentored many others as well. In fact, “built by trainers, for trainers” can’t be any more literal as Sam has actually developed this software himself. Both the web app that the trainers use for building programs and the mobile app that clients use for engaging in that content has been coded by Sam (who has a background in digital technology prior to personal training). We’re really in this to contribute to the amazing community that we feel a special bond with.

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